Our Basic Theory

Our basic theory is this: Our bodies use food for more than just fuel. When our body receives a nutrient it puts it to use. Sometimes our bodies need to use multiple nutrients to produce some compound or other in order to make some hair, or to repair some tissue.... It is hard to predict what or when our bodies may need something in particular, So here is the idea....One should eat as wide a variety of everything, everyday, and let the body decide what it wants.
Keep available to the body as wide a variety of vitamins, and minerals, then our body will have a better chance of finding whatever it wants whenever it needs anything.


Mayfield said...

I like your blog too. You are so lucky to have blueberries. I think we probably have as many concord grapes as you have blueberries.

This year we made V-20 juice. It has all the veggies from our garden.
Tomatoes, onion, garlic, cucumber, zucchini, corn, squash, geen beans, carrots, beets & greens, cilantro, parsley, celery, rommaine lettuce and jalapenos. We cook it until it is soft, put it thru' the victoria strainer and bottle. Cook until boiling, add a little salt, pepper and more jalapeno if needed. Bottle. It is SO good.

Thanks for looking at my blog.
Diane Mayfield (the farmers wife)

Mayfield said...

What is the grain Kamut? and where would I find it?


fuji said...

Hello Diane,

Good to hear from you again!

Evidently Kamut is an ancient, trademarked grain. I wasn't aware that the ancients had trademarks but we learn new stuff every day.

Kamut even has a website:

We got our Kamut from our local health food store, and they got it from Bob's Red Mill.

Bobs Red Mill is here in Oregon and they have a website too.
Here is a link for ordering Kamut.