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This is our multi-vitamin soup, and it is made from vegitables and miso! We start by choosing at least twelve vegetables for our soup. Whenever we get twelve vegetables we always seem to end up with enough to fill a 20 quart soup pot.

It is a large soup, but the preparation is simple enough. Take your biggest pot and, using some good olive oil,saute some onions, leeks, and tons of garlic, and ginger. Add water, about a third of a pot, and boil it. Add Miso, seaweed, and tofu to the boiling water. Add the the chopped up veggies. Cook it till the hardest vegetable is almost soft enough to eat. (It is going to get reheated. and some of it is going to get frozen.) When we finish a batch of the soup we divide it into three smaller pots, one to eat, and two to freeze. There so much soup that we need freeze some of it. One batch of the soup fuels two of us for a couple of weeks.

We have been eating three small bowls of this soup each day for the last eight months and the changes to our over all well-being has been amazing. People ask us if we don't get tired of eating the same thing everyday। The answer is surprisingly, no. The soup is not the only thing that we eat everyday. We eat anything that we want to eat. We just try to eat three small servings of this each day. It is like having a delicious little bowl of multivitamins.

In order to really broaden the nutritional spectrum of the meal, we eat this twelve (or more) veggie soup with a scoop of Superice, ground seed, ground seeds, and sunflower seeds on top of the soup to complete the meal. It is so good this way, that we don't get tired of it.

Since we have this much soup on hand, we don't need to ask ourselves, "What should we eat?" today, we just eat the soup. Having a full spectrum of nutrients constantly available for our bodies provides the tools that our bodies need to operate more efficiently. We have noticed changes. When we eat this way. We don't run out of energy, our concentration has improved, people ask us if we have been losing weight (really. it's true), our hair is growing thicker, our fingernails are growing a little too fast, and we feel great.

We have found that making this soup has other benefits besides providing great nutrition. We save both, money, and time. We save money because a pot of soup only costs around $40.00 to make and provides us more than half of our meals for two weeks. We save time because we make a big pot of soup on one day, and only need to re-heat the soup for most of our meals. There is also a fair amount of time and money saved on shopping trips to town.

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