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We have identified these grains in our Superice so far:

Brown Rice
Buckwheat Groats
Green Split Pea
Long Grain Sweet Rice
Mung beans
Oat Groats
Wheat Berries
Yellow Split Pea

Do you recognize any that we have missed?
Post a comment and tell us.

Superice is something that we make, to put a wider variety of grain nutrition in our diet.

Superice is like having a grain collection in a pot.

Collecting the grains has been an invitation to adventure. We love getting out and hunting up different kinds of grain. We found pre-mixed rices and grains at an asian market. After that we started going to the bulk food sections at the grocery stores to look for grains we hadn't tried. If we find something that looks interesting, and it looks small enough to cook with the others, then we get a pound or so and add it to the collection. We find less common types of grain at the health food store.
As we use it up, we just keep adding different grains that we find to the mix. The amount of grains in the pot goes up and down , but, the variety of grains in the pot always goes up.
We cook Superice in a pot as you would cook rice. We use an older electric automatic pressure cooker with a manual timer*, because, when we used pot on the stove the grains was more likely to burn.

Put a scoop in your Soup.
It's Nutritious and Delicious, it's Nutrilicious!


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