Fruit Smoothies

A few years back in the middle of the winter we caught ourselves eating hard sweet fruity candies and we realized that our bodies were asking us for fruit. We decided to find a way to put more fruit into our diets. In the winter fresh fruit is scarce and even the frozen fruit gets expensive. We bought strawberry preserves to try to get some berries into us but we read the label and found that we were also getting a fair dose of High Fructose Corn Syrup.
We decided to start making our own jam and went Strawberry Picking the next season. We picked so many berries, we knew that we didn't want to make, or eat that much jam (jam has a lot of sugar too), but having all these fresh berries around we started making smoothies out of them, and freezing the rest. We found that the berries that we froze made good smoothies too.
Then came Blue Berry Season. We added blue berries to our freezer and of course the smoothies. While picking blueberries we saw that the peach season was starting and so we added peaches topping off the freezer and rounding out our smoothie.
We have done this now for the last two years and have been having daily fruit smoothies year round to make sure that we are getting enough fruit.

In the course of this time our smoothies have evolved and now contain:
Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches, Bananas, Apples, Homemade Yogurt, and Honey.

We have lost all cravings for the fake hard fruity candy.

{It is now two years later and we just thought we had to make a comment about the honey}

Honey is sweet, but it is a very fast release, high calorie food. If you drink it to cool down in the summer, the smoothie will  be cooling when you drink it, but when you digest it your body is going to get hot.

We recommend relying on the sweetness of the ripe banana's for this drink. It is good to lower ones sweetness baseline overall in your diet, because then all the other fruits you eat, and other foods can stand on their own sweetness, with out help from sugars or other sweeteners.
The best way to lower your sweetness baseline is to avoid adding sweetness to fruits, or consuming un-naturally sweet foods such as soda pop, and hard candies.
Getting used to a lower level of sweetness is a great way of avoiding unnecessary calories.

We now save our honey  for when we want to make bread soft, or for salad dressings, and things that are not naturally sweet. 

Also, we like to use bananas in our smoothies because we can find them year round.

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