A Fish Tale

 Marinade with salt, pepper and honey.
Salmon heads are smoked with oak chips in the oven.
(Fish head eating not shown)
Salmon Broth

 Bones                               Broth

The chickens pick the BonesAnd then we eat their eggs!


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copperbird49 said...

Finally got to your site and it is delightful. It definitely represents the flavor of both of your personalities and is full of vigor and excitement, as are you. I also went to the Wholefoods site and it is a well of info. The eggs are dynamite and so real, haven't had eggs like that in 30 years, forgot how good they can be. We will try the pancakes this week(that name is misleading) and will let you know how they are. Stop at the shop, might have a timer that works and the Imac is there for you. Joe and Delores,,AJ's Appliance