We like to walk for exercise. A nice long, brisk, steady walk gets the blood moving, and leaves us feeling invigorated and ready for the day.  Sometimes we need a walk, to digest a meal, walk off some sitting, or think up an idea. Sometimes we don't want to commit to our usual mile and a half loop. 
      We came up with Orbiting when my wife injured her ankle. She needed to start walking again a little at a time until the ankle could get strong. Orbiting allowed her to walk enough to exercise her ankle a little bit at a time, because she could stop anytime her ankle got tired.

    Orbiting is walking a large circle around a fixed point. A forty foot or larger circle is comfortable, too small will just make you dizzy.  We now have a path around our house that we can use for orbiting. Orbiting seems strange at first as you pass by the same things over and over, but after awhile your eyes settle on a spot ahead of you, and your mind starts to wander, and it feels as if you are on a trail hike, anywhere in the world, just hiking along a never ending trail.

The trick is that it is a big round circle, there should be no corners to break your pace or interrupt your wandering mind, neither do we count laps, as this can spoil the trail illusion. We like leave for about an hour of orbiting, it always feels good, when we get back home.
    The beauty of Orbiting is that, if you orbit your house like we do, the path is always just outside the door, you can walk as far as you want, you don't need to pack water or anything with you because you can always stop in the next door for water, a snack, or even a nap, and also it is never far to the next restroom.

Next time you feel the need to jog things up a bit consider Orbiting.

Oh ... one more thing, it is a good practice to reverse direction in the middle of your walk.  When we walked in a slight curve for an extended time, we noticed that we had a tendency to develop a Lean. Reversing the direction that we Orbited about half way thru our walk helped us to counter the Lean and restore balance to our equilibrium.   I was concerned that if we Orbited too long in one direction then we might develop a permanent Lean that could make it difficult to negotiate straight sidewalks, of which there are many.


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Jean said...

I did this in my own yard after you talked with me about walking the perimeter of your property. Since my property is only about a quarter acre, my perimeter walk is more like your orbiting walk. I wore a pathway on my route, and it reminded me of the deer path near my back fence where they cut through (usually when I am asleep). I felt the same way, getting into the zone of relaxation, walking in safety night or day, right in my own homeplace. Great idea!