Hand Salads

These are like little mouth sized salads.
(Not bite sized, Mouth sized, You Stuff them in and start chewing, and make another and so on till you feel full. I don"t make the rules, this is just how it's done)
These contain a variety of garden greens, Mixed whole grains, canned mackerel,  Miso with red pepper paste,  and  kimchee.

They make for a quick breakfast, a good lunch, and a fine dinner.

We've been eating them throughout the day, for weeks now.   It is a good way to balance out our diet, each one is like a little food pyramid, a little meal on it's own. Lots of hardy greens on the bottom, some 21 grain mix in the middle, and a small amount of fish on top.  Each bite has a proper proportion of each of the food types.

I took these with me for lunch today.
They were delicious with canned wild salmon on them.


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