Sprout Salad with Collards!

Center stage is our hearty salad, containing Collard greens and flower tops, that wintered over, some very spicy Mustard Greens, Purple Onions, Celery, Cucumber, and Arugula, Leaks that we planted last year, Young chinese greens, Mungbean Sprouts. We make homemade Caesar Salad dressing and use lots of fresh garlic and anchovies. To finish it we topped the salad with a mix of chopped sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raw almonds, and some grated Romano Cheese.

Spicy miso soup with tofu, potato (with the skins on) and mung bean sprouts served with  21 grain super rice on the side. Also, Apples, Oranges, and the ever present Green Tea.

I'm looking at this meal, and thinking that only a couple years ago when I was a heavy sugar consumer, (S.A.D Diet) I wouldn't have been able to digest this meal very well, now I have no problem at all, I ate my share of this and went on a brisk mile and a half walk.  In the past I would have experienced a bout of reflux on the first hill if I even had diced onions in a salad.     If I had only known . . .

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