Sesame Oil on Popcorn

Popcorn with Sesame oil

We always seem  to want to eat popcorn when the cold weather arrives.
Maybe it is the white fluffiness  of the popcorn  that reminds us of snow, or perhaps it is just that when it is cold outside, snacking from a bowl of hot popcorn feels kinda cozy.  Whatever it is, we always go for the popcorn in the winter.

One day, about five years ago we wanted to make popcorn, but didn't have any butter in the house.  I didn't want to go all the way to town just for butter, so it seemed that popcorn wasn't an option, but the urge for popcorn was so strong.   I didn't want dry popcorn, either, then it struck me. Sesame Oil tastes buttery so why not try some on the Popcorn.

Well I tried it, and I liked it. Jin tried some too and was immediately hooked. We haven't used butter on popcorn since.  This has freed up the some of my dietary butter allowance for using in things that really need butter.

We pop our it on the stove top, in the dutch oven using canola oil for popping, and then drizzle sesame oil and dust the popped corn with finely crushed sea salt.

Replacing the butter with a little toasted sesame oil is gives a wonderful nutty flavor. It is easier to prepare, because there is no need to melt the oil as you would butter.

Use a good sesame oil, like Kadoya available in the 56oz tin box can, from your local Asian market.

Popcorn is a great alternative to other expensive salty snack foods, in their fancy wrappers.  We avoid a lot of garbage by keeping the un-popped kernels on hand, and pop them up fresh anytime the notion strikes us.  It is very economical especially when purchased in a 25 pound bulk bag (Around $20.00).  We use "White Popcorn" instead of the yellow popcorn.. The White Popcorn is easier on the teeth, yellow popcorn pops up with harder centers.

Popcorn is touted as a great diet food, but always with a warning about avoiding the butter,  Sesame Oil is a very nutritious and healthy fat.

Try some, it's easy, you can thank us later.


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