Spiral Spring Garden from last year

Last year we planted hardy greens in this garden and it has provided food for us all year.  We chose leafy cabbages, mustard greens, Swiss chard, celery, collards, assorted hardy leaf lettuces, carrots and some leeks.  Most of these plants wintered over well, with the exception of most of the lettuces.
We were able to shelter the garden, somewhat, from the winds, by putting plastic sheeting around the deer fence and setting up a temporary roof with poles, chicken wire, and sheeting to fend off the hard rains and snow, this winter which really helped with plant survival rates by preventing the direct rain fall from turning the covered soil to a fine mud, which would have smothered the roots as was the case in the previous year.

We planted a smaller garden with a similar selection of edibles, in the yard of our house in town. The little garden in town did very nicely all winter, the tenants enjoyed the vegetables, and I had chomping greens to snack on while working at the house.

We didn't need to cover the one in town because it is a not as cold at the lower elevation of town, where there was less snow, and the hard winds were slowed by all the warm houses.

Our garden up here, looks different now, then when the picture at the top of the post was taken, and the ratio of tasty greens to lush grasses has shifted quite a bit toward the grasses, Still, I am enjoying a nice plate of assorted steamed wintered over greens, with hot chili oil as I type.

We are starting the spring renovation of the spiral, and will be planting the same type of fare for the coming year.  We highly recommend this kind of garden. These types of plants provide a continual supply of leafs, and as you pick and trim them they just keep on giving, All Year Long.

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