Sesame Multi-Grain CRACKERS !
All Hail the Mighty CRACKER !  Crackers are a great power food,  If you keep crackers on hand you will always be ready to eat at a moment's notice. Dry crackers store well, and can be made durable enough to carry in a pocket so, if you don't mind having crumby pockets, you can even snack on the go!
Unfortunately,  most crackers available in stores are not quite durable enough for pocket travel. We hunted for a good multi-grain cracker some time back and found that the packaged crackers out there weren't very durable, nor were they very substantial.
We decided to try to make some hardy crackers.  Crackers are usually seen as a side treat to serve as a soup garnish, or as an edible plate for cheese snacking.  We wanted a cracker that could pull it's own weight along side the soup and salad, as an equal member of the meal team, not just as an entertainer.
We are on our second successful batch of these hand crafted beauties. They are powerful indeed, the current batch contains:
Sesame Seeds
Sesame Paste
Wheat Germ and Bran
Powdered Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds
Flax Meal and Whole Flax Seeds.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  a Few Forest Free Ranged Seedy Eggs, and Sea Salt.
The previous batch used butter rather than olive oil, the olive oil is a better choice, because the butter overpowers the sesame taste. We can save the butter for cookies, caramel, and in foods where it is really necessary.
We just mix them into a workable dough adding enough water to make them roll out nicely on a lightly salted and floured surface covered with Flax and Sesame Seeds.
We have been carrying these everywhere, because they are so nutty and delicious,   We take them in the car when we go to town to eat on the road, we put them in our pockets to nibble in the stores, and they are also good to have when we are in the garden their nuttiness tempers the strong flavors of the mustard greens and Swiss chard. They also provide great energy for physical activities like raking leaves,  riding bike, walking . . . . . .
Be aware that these are not light snack crackers, these are extra heavy duty crackers, to be used as a power food.  They are good eating, but should be eaten with apples, or some other companion fruit, or vegetable, and always lots of water.  If you pig out on these, late at night, all by themselves and skip the water, you could find something glued shut in the morning.
Anyway,  They are great crackers, and when you make your own you get to keep all the crumbles generated in the packaging process,   The crumbs make a very nice topping to garnish your soup.

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