Easy Almond Milk


Almond Milk is easy to make using almond flour, water, and a strong blender.

Almond Flour is just finely ground raw almonds. We got it from the bulk section at the grocery store.
We put a generous cup of almond flour in the blender, add about a cup and a half of hot tap water.  Blend this to break down the flour and let it soak for a half an hour of so.
After it soaks awhile, blend it a little more (the amount of water depends on how thick you like your milk) and then add a few more cups of hot tap water to the blender and blend it all  together once more. 

Run it through a fine strainer to remove as much of the solids as you feel necessary, if you want it smoother you can use cheese cloth or something to remove the smaller particles. 
We don't mind a little bit of nut suspended in the milk, the straining goes more quickly and cleanup is easier if we skip the cheese cloth. I'm pro lazy, so ease is more important to me than texture.

Strain the milk, and drink it while it is still foamy, it is delicious!

The strainer will have a fare amount of nut pulp in it, we like to put it in a little bowl on the table.
Eat it by it's self, or on stir fry, or crackers. Don't let it set too long it will get "ripe" with in an hour or two at room temperature. 
If we don't feel like eating nut pulp the dog, cat, chickens and goats are always willing to help.

Almonds are the only nut with an Alkaline PH factor of around 8.0 on the food pH.charts, all the other nuts besides chestnuts rank below 7.0 (acid). 
Almond Milk provides a steady energy that stays with us through the day.
We found that since we started drinking this a couple times a day, we feel more NUTritionally satisfied, and are eating smaller amounts of food at meal times, without even trying!

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